Casio Calculator Program Library

Welcome to the new look Program Library.
Each program now has its own page, and the code should be easier to read with its new HTML formatting. The CTF files are still available for use with cables and should always be the same as the HTML version.

CTF files
CTF files are straight text files that are easy to read and type in. They can also be used by CaS (for DOS/Un*x) and Xchange (for Windows), to send programs directly to the calculator via a cable.

You can buy such cables considerably cheaper than the Casio ones from either Watson & Watson interface cables or from "marcin" at

If you find symbols which you don't know how to type in or don't understand, help is available here: CTF tokens.

NEW! 1999/04/29:
Another excellent program submitted to the Library - "Colony 3". This is Stefan Makowski's version of "Colony" for 9x50s. It's a complete rewrite from scratch and goes much faster, as it has no screen redraws and uses co-ordinate entry rather than that tedious arrow movement.

NEW! 1999/04/24:
Our first submitted program! Clifford Barnes has sent in his program "Pythagorean Theorem". If you think you have a program which would go well here, feel free to contact me and I'll try to put it up.


Bomb Run - Bomber plane game
Chess - Working chessboard
Colony - Hexagonal board game
NEW! Colony 3 - Colony for 9x50 calcs
Gravity - Two-player missile game
Hangman - Word game
Noughts and Crosses - Text-based game (tic-tac-toe)
Qbert - Pyramid arcade-type game
Snake Run - Snake shooting game
Wak-A-Rat - Reaction time game
Yahtzee! - Dice game

Ant - Animated ant screensaver
Bouncer v.4.0 - Bouncing ball screensaver
Bouncer v.4.1 - Bouncing ball screensaver
Dotty - Random dot/line screensaver
Smileys - Smiley faces screensaver
Tartan - Random line screensaver

Polynomial Pattern Finder - Finds patterns in number series
NEW! Pythagorean Theorem - Solves for A, B, and C in the formula A2+B2=C2

Global subroutines
TLGAMES - 9x50 games library
TLGLOBAL - Global subroutines library

3x5 Pixel Text Test - Displays 3x5 pixel text sample
5x5 Pixel Text Test - Displays 5x5 pixel text sample
Icon Menu - Icon menu for launching programs

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