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Token: Plot
Type: IO function

 [1] [Orange |Green ]Plot <x>, <y>

 [2] [Orange |Green ]Plot 


[1] Plots a point on the graphics screen at position <x>, <y> relative to the axes. Sets the variables X and Y to the values of <x> and <y> rounded down to the nearest pixel position.

[2] Plots a point at the centre of the graphics screen, irrespective of axes.

If either Orange or Green are specified, the point will be plotted in the specified colour rather than blue (colour calcs only).

Other information:

Following either command [1] or [2] with a display triangle symbol leaves the graphics screen visible until the user presses [EXE]. If the point plotted is on the screen, the user can use the arrow keys to reposition it themselves before pressing [EXE]. The values of X and Y then store the location of the final position at which the point is plotted. This can be used to give programs a graphical interface by testing these values.

   Command     Speed (pxl/s)
   Plot            7
   Pxl...         11
   Plot...        11

See also: Line, PlotOn, PlotOff, PlotChg, PxlOn, PxlOff, PxlChg, PxlTest
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